RDS Decoder

This unit was designed to be a replacement for the Conrad RDS Manager.   The decoder supports both RBDS (NRSC-4-B) and RDS (IEC 62106).  This is a completely stand alone unit, but can be connected to a computer if you desire.

North America uses RBDS.  In this mode the decoder will:

  • Decode US three and four letter callsigns.
  • Decode Canadian callsigns (Full Power Stations).
  • Display North American PTY codes.

All other countries use RDS.  In this mode, the decoder will:

  • Display International PTY codes.
  • Display the two letter ISO Country Code.

RBDS or RDS is selected via an internal jumper.  The pictures below show the three different operating modes.

Shown above is Mode One.  The PI, Callsign, PTY, PS and Date/Time are displayed.

In Mode Two, all 64 characters of Radio Text A or all 32 characters
 of Radio Text B can be displayed.

Mode Three displays the PI, Callsign, AF (raw data),
 DI, GT, MS, PTY, TA and TP codes.

This is the rear panel showing the connectors.

The RDS Decoder rear panel has the following connectors:
  • FM Multiplex input (BNC).
  • 6 volt DC power jack.
  • 9 pin D connector - Provides buffered RDS Clock and Data output.  Can be directly input to a soundcard for using RDS Spy or a communications port (RS-232) for use with RDS Dec.
  • USB connector - Directly supports RDS Spy without using any adapters!  Simply plug it into the USB port on your computer and away you go! 

Note:  This decoder requires FM Multiplex input for proper operation.  While many vintage receivers provide this, most receivers do not.  Simply connecting the decoder to either left or right audio out will most likely not work.  If you are not familiar with FM receiver circuitry, please consult a qualified technician to determine if your receiver will require a modification.

These units are currently in stock and available for shipment.  They are priced at $150.00 USD plus shipping and handling.  US customers can click on the Buy Now button below to place an order.  International customers please contact me at info@raydees.com for details.

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